Work With Us

Why volunteer with Oriel Bach?

There are loads of reasons why people choose to volunteer. Some people use it as a way of getting into their chosen career, for others it is the important social element or getting
involved in a hobby. It also looks good on a CV for those applying for related jobs, as employers always look for relevant experience.

Who are we looking for?

Oriel Bach believes that art is for everyone and is that art is a great way of communicating. We do this by making the gallery friendly and accessible and by giving volunteers the opportunity to be creative in their own right.

If you are passionate about the arts and have also worked or currently working or are a student within any medium of the arts, then we would love you to join us. All we ask is that you commit to the minimum of one day per week, between 11a.m and 4p.m, although you can do more if you have the time and commitment. We require our volunteers to be friendly, knowledgable, have some computer skills and able to discuss the artworks with our visitors and refer any queries to the relevant person if necessary. If you are a practicing artist yourself, then as a volunteer, you are able to hire the gallery to exhibit your work at a discounted rate.

Volunteering with Oriel Bach is also a great opportunity for students or recent graduates as the gallery was initially started by students in 2010 and we are keen to provide the same path that they had. Again, think of that CV!

Download Oriel Bach Volunteer Application Form