Hanging a show

When your exhibition proposal has been accepted by the gallery, you will need to consider how to display your artwork. It is essential that you contact the gallery volunteers well in advance to discuss your forthcoming show and they will advise you on the process of hanging, wall dimensions and framing and labelling advice.

  • The gallery currently utilises a vertical string hanging system with security clips attached and is ideal for hanging framed artwork. Oriel Bach prefers exhibitors to
    use this system, although if necessary, alternative ways of hanging your work, (e.g the use of mirror clips screwed into the wall, or the use of nails or screws to support
    your frames) can be discussed with gallery staff. However, if this is your preference, please understand that a fee of £50 is required to return the walls to their original
    condition at the close of your exhibition, as all holes must be filled and repainted prior the hanging of the next exhibition.
  • In order to hang your work on the gallery hanging system, all frames must have a length of string on the rear of the frame, centrally situated to avoid the string being
    visible above the frame when hung. The string must be attached to the frame with the use of eyelets, widely available in hardware stores. Eyelets are suitable for
    screwing into both wooden and plastic coated frames, we do not recommended the use of aluminium frames.
  • Your artwork should be clearly labelled with a title and price and the label should preferably be mounted on card. The use of adhesive backed labels placed straight
    onto the walls is not accepted by Oriel Bach, as these can be very difficult to remove at the end of your show.
  • Oriel Bach volunteers will assist you with hanging your show on the first Monday of your exhibition and to advise you with achieving the best layout of your artwork to
    provide maximum exposure to the gallery visitors. Please be at the gallery promptly on the first Monday at 11a.m.
  • At the close of your show, you will be expected to take down your artwork on the Sunday immediately following the last Saturday of exhibiting. As stated before, if
    you utilised nails, screws or mirror plates to hang your show, you will need to fill and paint any holes made.
  • You must vacate the gallery by 4p.m on the Sunday in order for the area to be cleaned prior to the next exhibition.

For any queries relating to hanging your exhibition, please contact us on exhibitions@orielbach.com or 01792 361012 and we will be happy to answer any questions.