Wall Space Hire Charges

Weekly Wall Space Hire
Hire Charges & Terms & Conditions

Intro Offer Gallery Wall Space

£ 40.00 Wall Space 1 – Front Right Hand Wall Opposite Counter
£ 35.00 Wall Space 2 – Back Right Hand Side Wall of Gallery
£ 40.00 Wall Space 3 – Back Wall and Back Left Hand Side Wall
£ 30.00 Wall Space 4 – Front Left Hand Side Wall Behind Counter

Terms & Conditions

1. If you are interested in hiring Wall Space as part of a joint exhibition then please
e-mail your request to exhibitions@orielbach.com with a bit of information about
you and your work, accompanied with some pictures of your work.
2. Wall space exhibitions are for a minimum of two weeks.
3. 50% deposit is payable at time of booking, the balance a week prior to exhibition
4. There are no commission charges on sales
5. Putting up your Exhibition is at 11am on Mondays.
6. Taking down your Exhibition is at 11am on Sundays.
7. When setting up joint exhibitions we stagger arrival times for unloading.
8. We will require a selection of pictures of the work you will exhibit for Facebook etc
9. We will require 1 Laminated A4 size Poster for our Poster Board outside.
10. We have a hanging system which we prefer Exhibitors to use which
has a security hanging clip
11. If you put holes in the wall then a deposit of £15 per wall space will be taken in
cash and returned to the exhibitor when all making good to the walls is completed.
12. Exhibitors must insure their own work.
13. We can arrange an interview with Oystermouth Radio to promote your exhibition
if required.